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We launch consumer-based products to impact the world.

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We launch impactful products.

Our mission is to build, deploy, and scale the world's most impactful consumer-based and B2C SaaS products.

We ideate, incubate, and accelerate startup ideas, garner a sense of growth, and constantly ship things to market.

Our products



The best virtual studying platform for students, helping them to create study sessions with their friends.

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5k+users14.5k+sessions created
v2.21latest releaseOct 2020started


An open-source web animation library allowing custom, interactive animations to be added to a website with just 2 lines of code.

Node.jsExpressMongoDBGitHub APIHTML5 CanvasjsDelivr
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50k+downloadsv2.6latest release
18contributorsNov 2019started

NPO Core

A curated platform of nonprofit organizations, allowing anyone to find the perfect nonprofit to get involved with and get in contact.

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300+registered NPOs500+opportunities
v2.2latest releaseMay 2020started


A platform where anyone can learn to code through real-world practices.

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200+usersv2.1latest release
500+commitsMar 2020started

The Story of Launch Tech

I started Launch Tech for reasons completely different than what it is today.

Back in January-April 2020, I was building projects furiously. Anything I learned or anything I wanted to build, I built.

But, what stayed true throughout the many projects I built was that they were all real-world, consumer-based applications, and that's where my passion lies.

My mom helped me setup a company to give my projects some legal protection. But, I decided I wanted Launch Tech to be more than just a holding company.

After cycling through many ideas, as well as a failed attempt at one concept, here we are!

Launch Tech is a startup ideater, incubator, and accelerator, and the platform I always dreamed of having.

No formal structures, boring business operations, or any of that. Purely ideas, code, and launches, day in day out.

I hope that Launch Tech will continue to produce and launch more products into the future, and that users may find it helpful in whatever means available.

Calix Huang - Launch Tech LLC
Calix Huang